When Twitter drove me to the brink of insanity

Like many Americans, I don't use Twitter like I used to.  According to Bloomberg earlier this year Twitter reported declining stocks, one million visitors within a quarter and surprising to me (but not analysts) an increase in overall revenue.  You can't watch the news without a name drop of a certain guy and his Twitter... Continue Reading →

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Spirituality VS Religion

Many people consider themselves to be spiritual, however they despise modern day practices of religion that they have been exposed to. Somewhere in our history, some how in our transition in to the free spirited, free thinking humans we've become we've been lead to think that religion is wrong. Religion can be thought of as... Continue Reading →

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Bouqs over Bloominous for DIY Weddings

First off, your wedding shouldn't be your test to determine you DIY abilities.  If you don't take on DIY projects currently due to their lack of appeal then you may not enjoy having a DIY wedding.  DIY is not for the faint of heart! I was/am the person described above.  I did not get the... Continue Reading →

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Daily Bread #12

Daily Affirmations to live a faith filled life

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