DSC_0617Tips and Tricks for the DIY bride or the bride on a budget!

All my “findings” are based on what I did or didn’t do and wish I did for my wedding or things I learned from other weddings!


  1. Be your own Planner.   I must lead with a caution:  Only do this if you have good time management, people management skills and you are very patient (ie not prone to diva outbursts.)  There is a reason people make a living as wedding planners: It’s stressful!  If you’re looking for a way to save money and you have the time to treat your wedding as a part time or full time job then it is worth it to be your own planner.  First you would want to get set up on TheKnot or WeddingWire.  I personally preferred Weddingwire as my main go to for DIY wedding info although the Knot is the more popular of the two.  I liked the functionality of WW and the App was far more advanced at the time, which is right up my millennial alley.   The app has a scarily accurate yet adjustable budget planner that can help you understand your costs, allows you to track your vendors, sets up payment reminders (including who the responsible party is) and manage all of your important dates and activities.  The app was phenomenal in my wedding planning adventure.  I also cannot stress this enough – utilize the message boards!  There is nothing new under the sun so some bride or groom out there has experienced what you’re stressing over. Just ask!
  2. Be a DIY Diva!  If you’re crafty or just enjoy decorating your home, car, yard etc then why not decorate your own wedding?  This is also good for last minute brides as you can find most decor online.  You can bulk order flowers, vases, linens and even lighting from companies such as Bouqs, Afloral, CVlinens and RentMyWedding.  I have utilized all those listed as well as others with good experiences as a DIY bride (see my post on DIY Wedding Flowers for the good, bad and ugly.)  Beware this option does take time and man/womanpower on the days before and the day of the wedding so be sure you have a solid group of friends and family ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and make your big day a success.


This page is a work in progress indefinitely!  I will continue to add stories and share tips as often as possible to help be a resource like I wish I had!

What have you experienced?  Are you recently engaged and have questions about how to save on costs?  Ask and I will be sure to add and answer or share your story!


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