When Twitter drove me to the brink of insanity

Like many Americans, I don't use Twitter like I used to.  According to Bloomberg earlier this year Twitter reported declining stocks, one million visitors within a quarter and surprising to me (but not analysts) an increase in overall revenue.  You can't watch the news without a name drop of a certain guy and his Twitter... Continue Reading →

Dance with me

your smile, contrasting the cold depth in your eyes willing me to question what lies beneath... The melody, distracts the muscles in my neck as I bob along to the beat Just you and me, fighting the urge to press close and just let the tempo take the lead About last night, the fight let's... Continue Reading →


33 and pregnant…week 15

When you wake up from your midday nap and the only think you can stand to eat is french fries and sushi (cooked of course) do you: A. Get dressed and go get those items B. Say no to yourself and instead have a bowl of cereal C. Phone a friend to go get it... Continue Reading →

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