Priority stowage only

Priority stowage. What is it that you’re hanging on to or holding on to that shouldn’t have such a priority in your mind? Seriously think about it. Let’s be brutally honest with one another for a moment. Room in our minds is limited. Giving undue precedence to things that aren’t worthy of our time is an undeserved waste of time. We owe ourselves better. Have you ever taken inventory of your thoughts? If not, try it. It’s very easy to do:

  1. Get to a quiet place where you can be alone. Even if it means sitting outside in your car
  2. Try to relax, take a couple deep breaths and allow yourself to mellow
  3. Write down the thoughts that come to your head no matter how random or odd they may be. Let your thoughts lead you
  4. Once you get to a stopping point, review your thoughts and identify common themes or ideas

Anger, fear, pride, excuses, conceit and frustration are all attention hoarding space fillers in our minds. They take up space they have not earned. Space they are not worthy of. If we allow them to do so it can manifest as negativity to people who we have relationships with.

Decide today that you want to make room for good thoughts by eliminating those thought hoarding space fillers. Wake up daily and make a promise to yourself to be positive. When you feel yourself shifting to those things on that list that you don’t want to think about remind yourself of the promise you made and shake off those thoughts figuratively or literally! Figure out what helps you stay postive and commit to doing those things when you find yourself slipping. It could be prayer, listening to music, writing, reading, exercising, painting, meditating…whatever it is, do it for you and watch how your life and the relationships around you improve because of your commitment to better yourself!

I want to hear from you!! What are some things that have too much priority in your thoughts that you have to eliminate? Or what are some things you do to shift your focus?

Hugs until next time!

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