Gods strength is greater than my weakness

The word says that God’s power is made perfect in our weakness. I’ve always been taught as a Christian that when things get tough, when you can’t see how it can get better, God steps in and fixes it or at least shows us the way out in due time.

Keeping those thoughts in the back of my mind have helped me ward off depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety… it always pulls me back from the brink of giving up and giving in (even if I stand at that ledge with an empty bottle.)

Some days to say I’m drowning in sorrow is an understatement. Sorrow waterboards me, wanting me to turn away from the good towards a lifetime of darkness. Like Paul I plead with God to “fix” my life and yet I stay here, wading and waiting as He whispers to me that I’m strong enough to get through it and refers me here to vent. Most days, honestly, I don’t listen to that inner voice. I assume it’s me or turn to whatever other things I want to turn to for advice or distraction but I always seem to end up worse than before. Before being pregnant I turned towards wine, afterall Jesus drank it right? Pregnancy pulled me from the brink of an alcohol addiction. God works in mysterious ways!

I say all this to say, I do believe in my heart that His grace is sufficient in all situations. I do believe he doesn’t give us more than we can handle (although in the moment it may not feel that way.) I do believe with a tiny bit of faith you can move the mountains in your life, whatever they may be. But I also know that God needs us to toughen up so He puts us in tough situations sometimes. If we stick with Him we can get what we need and keep going towards fulfilling our destiny.

I started writing this in tears and now, even now I feel stronger. Thank you God.

And Thank you for listening.

Feel free to share your testimony, thoughts, inspirations or comments below! I’d love to chat with you, pray with you and encourage one another!

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