Pregnancy brain – story time

So what I once thought was a myth reared its ugly head today. Pregnancy brain is real! Today I woke up, straightened up a bit, made breakfast and sat down for a morning nap. Right before my nap I remembered to pay my tithes online. In my haze I paid 100% of my check instead of 10%…as soon as I did the confirmation I realized what I’d done and the anxiety swept in. I called the church and the receptionist was very sweet but the finance person wasnt in yet. She took my information and recommended I call the bank to see if they can help. As I call them I get two text alerts about my account being overdrawn (I’d paid my rent also) and I am trying to remain calm. They give me the gut punch of “there’s nothing we can do.” I don’t understand. They say they need proof that they aren’t going to charge me, as if it’s a bill. I tell her it’s for church, it was a tithe and I misplaced the decimal. Still…nothing. She tells me I should call back when I have “proof.” At this point I’m in tears. I was just trying to do the right thing and I made a mistake. Its Friday and this could be something that is drawn out over the weekend. As she is telling me all the reasons why she says “wait a minute, it’s gone now..” I immediately burst out into more tears because I know that God has shown up right on time! Man what a wonderful revelation! As soon as I hung up with them my church called saying everything was handled! I was so thankful and at the same time embarrassed to even make such a big mistake. I apologized for the mess I caused and they reassured me it was ok. I’m so grateful because this could’ve been bad yall….in my years of tithing consistently I’ve never made such a mistake. I may have tithed twice before, which I just dealt with and mentally made one an offering, but not my entire check. Not to mention my check was half of what it usually is due to not working as much with my pregnancy…ok rant over!

I’m just really feeling Gods outpouring of love this morning! How excellent! I’m filled! What a great mistake to get gifted this feeling of joy and peace. A gift that only the Lord can give!

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