Spiritually Misguided

I set out to create a blog based in Faith, expressing my love for God and my beliefs as a Christian while also keeping an interested audience.  Easier said than done!  As I continue on the journey I questioned my basic motives.  I set out looking to encourage and also gain some supplemental income.  My conviction on the inside kept pushing me to reevaluate those motives.  I came to realize that MONEY was my primary motivation, with the potential of encouraging someone being an upside that I honestly didn’t care enough about.  Shame on me for being naive and for being misguided.  

I’ve always loved to write and this blog has been uniquely difficult for me. I’ve come to realize that it has only been difficult because my writing was intended for financial gain whereas in the past it was for for spiritual release and/or personal reflection. 

One night I prayed for the scales to be removed from my eyes so that I can see.  I didn’t have this blog in mind but that is exactly what God did!  Now that I can see my truths (and not just what the enemy wanted me to see) I won’t loath in self pity but instead wipe away my old shameful behaviors and focus on what God has for me and wants me to do.  I welcome the challenges. I welcome the Spirit. I welcome the release.  I’m ready to start living in the purpose God has created me for.

In Jesus’ name.

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