You have everything you need.

It’s easy to focus on what we lack as individuals – money, talent, education (fill in the blank) – and give up on what we assume we will fail at anyway.

It’s easy to see slight setbacks as premonitions of failure and give up.

It’s easy to listen to critics and naysayers (they always seem to outnumber supporters in our lives) and give up.

It’s easy to give 50% of our effort or time, and then, give up…proclaiming we “tried.”

It’s easier to accept mediocrity and give up.

It’s easier not to even try in the first place.


You are smart enough, good enough you are enough enough.

You are perfectly and uniquely you.

A way can be made, despite what you assume you lack. The only thing in your way is you and your efforts to be who you desire to be.

God places every single one of us here for a reason, a purpose. (Stay with me here, I’m on to something good)  Whether or not we accomplish our purpose and do what we were put on this earth to do is up to us.  That is why he gave us free will!  Despite what the world my tell you, He doesn’t want us to be unhappy.  He doesn’t want us to live miserably.  He will not give us more than we can handle.  We are equipped to live in purpose if we give it 100%…

How do I know my purpose?

Ask.  Ask. Ask again. It says in his word “Ask and it shall be given to you knock and the door shall be opened.”  Now of course this is all within reason.  God isn’t a genie in the bottle.  You can’t ask for a million bucks knowing you just going to squander it on booze, drugs or things that do nothing to help anyone but your vain desires.  However, if you have an unshakable desire to help people and know that money can get you there (genuinely help not trying to pretend because He knows us better than we know ourselves) he may have already placed an idea in your heart that if you follow through with you can literally help whomever he has placed in your path to be helped.

Who am I to say these things?

Just someone following a dream, an unshakable thought…someone stepping in faith despite her fears of lack, inferiority, judgement and doubt.  A lover of God’s people, all people. Someone who blogs to herself in hopes her issues can help someone else.



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