The sun never stops shining so why should we?


What a difficult disposition to possess. God has granted me is the ability to travel this world as means to make a living. In a world of constant unconstants I can always count on sunshine. It could be pouring out rain, sleet or snow but as long as it’s daylight hours where you are the sun is still shining. Sometimes it’s impossible to imagine or believe because the clouds do such an amazing job of blocking out the sun’s light.

People have the tendency to correlate life with weather. We hear people say things such as “weather the storm” in reference to challenges we face and we hear”the sun will come out tomorrow ” starting in childhood to reference how things will get better with time. While associating our lifes ups and downs with weather sometimes we may literally begin to look out the rainy window and believe that the sun isn’t still there, as if it comes and goes like an estranged lover. Well surprise! The sun is a constant. It never changes. It just sits there waiting for us to enjoy its light. The weather, like our lives, is constantly changing. Constantly being the highlight or downpoint of our day, if we let it.

By now you may be asking “where are you going with this?” The answer to me is simple. The sun reminds me of the SON in so many ways. When I first started to write this piece I was honestly speaking about the sun. When I go back and read it over and over it’s as if I’m speaking about Jesus. It’s crazy to me how we let the clouds of life pull us away from seeing the son, who is always there. Even when we don’t believe it. You know how sometimes you see the sun peak through during a storm? That’s exactly how He works! During our toughest moments he will sneak in a little blessing, a little love, wisdom, grace or mercy as long as we open ourselves up to receive it.

You can let the worries of life cover up your happiness like a cloudy day or you can suck it up, smile and KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the sun is always shining and waiting for you to receive it’s gift.

After all “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” Mat 6.27 NLT

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