The social (media) side of God

I, like millions of people, have been obsessed with the need of online friends, followers and likes. I seldom think of the impact (or lack thereof) that it has on my actual life. Some people use social media as a marketing tool, but not me. I wasn’t making money from the time spent on social media. I wasn’t helping anyone by bringing awareness to something. I was just wasting time, valuable time that I could not get back. I was also allowing actual physical relationships with other people diminish as I wasted time interating with estranged elementary school buddies. I was trading the act of mailing Birthday cards for HBDs on a timeline.

In the current age of Social Media I began to stop and think about what life would be like if God or Jesus had a Facebook page. What would the profile picture be, the birth date, the location? What would they post? Or I think I really would like to know, who would they be friends with? Would they be like Tom of Myspace and befriend everyone so no one would ever be friendless? Would they only befriend the righteous who live according to their will or would they also befriend the sinners, in hopes that their posts could change their lives? Would they just have a celebrity page for likes? Or would they have an Instagram with millions of follows and no follow backs (except for a couple of angels)?

I guess I really would just want to know if they would be my friend on social media and what that meant for me. I would want to stalk their friends list and try to figure out who they were friends with and what was so great about that person to make them friends. I basically would get all internet crazy on the Lords FB page…like that would do me any good. I start to think how I would behave on social media if God sent me a friend request. Would I be myself or only post bible verses and positive quotes. Would I go back and delete all those photos from college of me taking shots or partying? The funny thing is that I would and He would know the truth because He is God. Duh.

Sometimes I bet the way we look at people who we know are “stunting for the ‘gram’ ” is exactly how God looks at us when we are in church, watching church, reading the bible or in prayer. We bring our faux personalities before Him as if he doesn’t know our dirt, our addictions or our hidden black hearts.

The cool thing about God is that He isn’t just all Hell, fire and brimstone. He loves in a way that we could never fully comprehend. Its a gift we don’t even deserve. No matter how fake or addicted or black our hearts are he can still fix it. No matter what it is He can fix it. Even with all the terrible things I’ve posted on the internet (even the Twitter trolling) he can still fix me. We are not perfect but we are worth fixing. I find solace in that.

So I guess God doesn’t have to be my Facebook friend afterall.

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