intro, Intro, INTRO…ducing…

Anyone ever do that cheer growing up? I remeber it as sort of an icebreaker for girls teams in school. You go around and introduce yourself and do whatever “cool” thing you wanted to do to showcase who you were to the group but you all started as a whole with the rhythmic chant “introducing. Th e lovely ladies. Of [insert school or group]…

I’ve been starting and restarting this blog for years. I’ve always had writing as a creative outlet..or just an outlet..escape may be the better term..but as of late I’d dropped my paper and pen habit for new ones. As for an outlet? I have just bottled everything up.

I’m nervous to start this. Honestly I’m not sure where it will take me but I’m interested in the journey. I am stepping away from my fear, away from the naysayers that have for years not believed in me for whatever reason. I’m stepping out on faith in hopes of finding you, finding me and to enjoying life’s journey. I will honestly share my wins and brutally share my losses in hopes that maybe someone, just one person, can learn to live based on my failures…or learn to stop failing with me!

And I like you. I hope you stick around.

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